Reason I CrossFit: Builds physical and mental strength by pushing one beyond their comfort zone.

Favorite Lift/WOD: Deadlift, Front/back squats

Biggest Accomplishment: I haven’t given up 🙂 I’ve gotten stronger and developed more definition.

What Keeps Me Coming: My husband loves the results; I love the results and sense of accomplishment, and the coaches/people at CFWF.”


Reason I CrossFit: Step above the normal gym routine. CrossFit is a way to push yourself way beyond your normal everyday workout. I was looking for something that would not only push me on my workouts, but keep me motivated long term. At CrossFit Wake Forest, I have great coaches who push me way beyond what I thought I could do and they ensure that I am using proper technique for better results.

Favorite Lift/WOD: Hard to choose a favorite lift, but I really appreciate the Olympic style lifting using the bumper plates. Most of these lifts I have either never done or at least since my college days. These are also the lifts I could not do at my regular gym. I like the Hero WOD’s because they are a way to honor fallen Heroes and the workouts are always very tough.

Biggest Accomplishment: Would be Double Unders. When I first started CF I couldn’t string together more than two in a row. I can now get through most of the DU WODs unbroken…or at least minimally.

What Keeps Me Coming: Seeing the improvements in my fitness level and the camaraderie at the box. It is great to look back at your personal benchmarks and see how much you have improved on your lifts and daily workouts. With CrossFit you also have the ability to compete with other boxes locally as well as participate in the CrossFit Games every year. We have a lot of fun with this at CF Wake Forest and participation is always high.”

– JON M.

Reason I CrossFit: To lose weight. I was very overweight and was looking for something that would get me motivated to get to the gym on a regular basis and to actually get a good workout in while I was at the gym. I had worked with a personal trainer 10 years ago and had great results, but the cost of a personal trainer was higher than what I wanted to spend. I had talked to a friend from Roanoke that was a “bigger” guy and his results had convinced me to try CrossFit. It helped that CrossFit was a fraction of the cost of what a personal trainer would have been.

Favorite Lift/WOD: Most of the overhead lifts I don’t mind. Anything with burpees and running I despise.

Biggest Accomplishment:Losing 85lbs in a little over a year and a half. I still have a long way to go, but it is going in the right direction.

What Keeps Me Coming:The People. I was fairly new to the area and little did I know that I was going to meet such great group of people and become friends with many of them. I have had several corporate moves and I have met by far many more friends here due to CFWF. It is quite amazing how social some of us can be at 5:30 am in the morning before most people even think about crawling out of bed.


Reason I CrossFit:For me CrossFit is the ultimate total body fitness experience that challenges and improves my overall strength and endurance every workout.

Favorite Lift/WOD: Chipper, down and up or most anything with multiple movements for time.

Biggest Accomplishment:Most days I feel a sense of accomplishment when I complete the entire WOD. But, it is always encouraging to better my time or weight.

What Keeps Me Coming:I’ve participated in many sports, tried other fitness programs and enjoy running various distance races. However since starting CrossFit in January I feel stronger than ever and have gained confidence to conquer fears like skiing black diamonds and moguls this past winter. In the past there really wasn’t anything I would do at 5:30 am, but now I look forward to starting my day with a 5:30 am CrossFit class. When you are surrounded by great people and instructors, it makes the 4:30 am wake up call that much easier, and the rest of my day that much better.


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