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Corrinna Sammons


I believe that at any age and any time in your life you can change your mindset, your habits and your lifestyle and make positive change happen for your overall well-being. This in turn will translate exponentially on the longevity of your life. As a mother and recent mother again in my 40s, I can relate to anyone who struggles with weight loss and maintaining a balance with family and self. I have for the most part of my life, been a physically active person. Between playing sports, working out at various gyms and now a mother of 3, there’s nothing slow paced or mundane about my life. Finding the time and prioritizing my physical activity with CrossFit is what has helped me to become the most fit I have ever been in my life! From nutrition to the whole CrossFit program, I am a much better person, physically and mentally.

I know what it takes to push past obstacles and back sets and still come out feeling successful and accomplished. I know that the little things and baby steps are HUGE accomplishments for those who see the upward battle as impossible. When I started my CrossFit journey 4 years ago, I didn’t imagine I would see the results and success and it stick like it has.

I believe in the basics and not trying to overcomplicate the concepts. By using fundamental skills in order to master movements, I can help you reach your goals and make a lifestyle change that will be permanent and realistic.


Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
USAV Impact Certified Coach


Competed at the collegiate level in both volleyball and lacrosse
Coach at CrossFit Wake Forest, The Academy of Fitness
Head High School Volleyball Coach
Head Sand Volleyball Coach


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