Intramural Open


crossfit wake forest 2017 Intramural Open


Sign up for the CrossFit Games Open and participate in our Intramural Open!  Spanning the 5 weeks of the CrossFit Games Open, February 23rd - March 27th, we will have our own Intramural Open competition. All CFWF members who have registered for the open will be placed on one of four CFWF teams, and will compete to earn points each week toward the coveted title of CFWF Intramural Open Champs!



How does it work?

1. Sign up for the CrossFit Open at Specify CrossFit Wake Forest as your affiliate and TEAM CROSSFIT WAKE FOREST as your team.

2. Use the same email you log in to Zen Planner with and set your password to: crossfit. The reason for this is ease of reporting your scores.

3. Each person will be placed on one of four CFWF Open teams.

4. On Thursday evening at 8pm for 5 weeks, CrossFit HQ will release a workout. You have 4 days to complete the workout. Here are the dates for all 5:

17.1: Feb. 23-27
17.2: March 2-6
17.3: March 9-13
17.4: March 16-20
17.5: March 23-27

5.The workout will always be programmed for Friday's regular WOD during the entire duration of the open. You DO NOT have to actually complete the workout with your team. You can do the workout anytime between Friday and Monday evening. If doing the workout outside of normal Friday class times, you must arrange for a judge to count for you. 

6. Each week, Teams will earn points as follows:

Each Team can earn from 1-4 points in each category depending on how many points your Team earns in each scoring category. Most points in a scoring category earns four points, second earns three points and so forth.

Participation: Every member of a team that completes an Open workout and submits a score each week will earn 1 point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout. The Team with the highest participation each week will be awarded 4 points.

Friday Night Lights: Each member of a team that attends Friday Night Lights earns 1 point. You do not have to complete the WOD that evening, but you must be present and judge/count, or otherwise be involved. The Team with the most Friday Night Lights points will be awarded 4 points.

Team Average: Each individual score will be ranked each week from all of the scores entered by CFWF athletes. Each team's ranks will be added and averaged and the team with the highest average will be awarded 4 points. This will be an overall rank and not based on division.

Division: Each person has been placed into one of six divisions. You will compete within your division for points. If you finish in the top 50% of your division, you will earn 1 point. The Team with the most division points will be awarded 4 points. The Divisions are Men and Women Rx, Men and Women Scaled, Master's (50+), and Teens.

7. Let's have fun:

Each Friday night at 7:30 we will get together as a group. Each team must choose one person from their team to do the WOD. Anyone who would like to do the WOD that evening is welcome to do so. Teams will take turns providing refreshments and beverages. Your team captains will fill you in. We want to encourage all of you to bring your friends and family.

The CrossFit Wake Forest Open is not about being the best athlete in the gym, it's about being a part of our community. It is about pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. Being your best, and having fun. Sign up and join in!