Question: What is CrossFit?

Answer: It is a workout. It is a discipline. It is addictive. CrossFit is the most engaging workout option available today that combines strength, mobility, and cardio into an energizing program that will keep you going. At CrossFit Wake Forest’s Academy of Fitness, we are committed to helping you get the most benefit out of a CrossFit workout. Come on in and find out for yourself how addictive it can be.

Question: The workouts look intense. Can anyone do them?

Answer: Yes, they are intense. Yes, you can do them. Our community includes a diverse population of members ranging in age young adults to senior citizens. We have workout junkies and folks just getting into a routine in the same classes. We even have programs for kids, tweens, and teens. We will work with you to scale our workouts to your current ability, and help you increase that ability over time in a safe, comfortable manner.

Question: I am not in good shape. How can I prepare for CrossFit?

Answer: Answer: We deal with beginners regularly. No experience or ability is required to start our program. Our program can meet all of your fitness goals. We are able to scale our program to fit your specific fitness level. Our coaching staff has coached numerous beginners toward their goals.

Question: My schedule isn’t flexible. When are the workouts?

Answer: We have many options that meet the needs of most busy people. Please browse class times on our Schedule page

Question: CrossFit seems like it is for elite athletes. Will I fit in?

Answer: Absolutely. While many elite athletes are CrossFitters, you do not have to be one to enjoy the benefits of the workouts and the community. We have all types of athletes at CrossFit Wake Forest’s Academy of Fitness and look forward to having you start.

Question: What is a WOD?

Answer: Work out of the Day. Typically, we do two WODs during each hour-long session. WODs are designed to deliver a complete training program over time. They work different parts of the body each session you attend, and will ultimately help transform your shape and build. WODs can be short, intense workouts or longer workouts that include several activities such as lifts or cardio, or a combination of both. Regardless, each WOD is scaled for you, as the athlete, by our staff of coaches.

Question: What is the right age for CrossFit?

Answer: We have programs at CrossFit Wake Forest’s Academy of Fitness for all ages; age five to seniors.

Question: What is the benefit of your small class size?

Answer: We think our small class size of around eight athletes is the ideal size for classes. This lets our coaches give individual attention to each athlete, track progress, and offer timely tips and corrections. It also helps our members get to know each other as part of our community.

Question: I am visiting and would like to drop in for a work out. Do you have a program for visiting CrossFitters?

Answer: Of course! Please see our schedule of classes and our Traveling CrossFitter Drop-in Page for more information. Please note that we do not allow walk-ins so you will need to schedule your visit before coming to the Box.