Coach Robb Jolley

Robb Jolley

Journey to crossfit:

Robb spent his youth as an avid athlete competing in soccer, baseball, wrestling, judo and running. After many years of competing, running 2 marathons and many injuries, he decided it was time to find a training method that was not only effective, but safe for all ages and fitness levels.

In 2012 he found CrossFit and knew this could be the most effective and safe way to obtain a lifetime of health and fitness. "CrossFit has truly been a fountain of youth for me. I have found a level of health, strength and fitness that surpasses that of my youth and I'm still getting better everyday. CrossFit's constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity is the perfect prescription for health and fitness." Once he discovered the value of CrossFit, he knew he had to share it with anyone willing to listen. In 2014 he became a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and he is excited to share CrossFit with this awesome community.

In addition to CrossFitting and coaching, Robb loves being a husband and a father to 2 awesome girls. The Jolley's love to express their fitness playing water sports and hiking all over the country to witness His perfect creation of nature.