Coach Matt Thacker

Matt Thacker

Journey to crossfit:

Prior to discovering CrossFit in 2005, Matt was your average out-of-shape, cigarette smoking American who hadn’t exercised in years. Matt enjoyed racing Dirt Track Stock cars where he competed weekly at local events earning 2nd Place points championship (Pure Stock V-8) at the King’s Raceway in 2005. Upon becoming a father in November 2005, Matt began taking fitness seriously, realizing that he needed to make big changes if he wanted to enjoy his children as he grew older. Matt became a novice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Practitioner and through BJJ discovered CrossFit which was at the time an underground strength and conditioning program which seemed to yield great results.

The day after learning about CrossFit and seeing how strong it’s practitioners were, Matt became one of the original Crossfitters in the State. He began training with CrossFitNC (Now Forged Fitness) under Coach Jason Culbreth in 2005. Matt quickly realized great results with the CrossFit program and became a student of the art. Matt attended his level 1 seminar under the instruction of Greg Glassman the founder of CrossFit Inc, Nichole Carroll (now director of training for CrossFit HQ), Dave Castro (Director of the CrossFit Games) and Tony Budding (founder of the NPFL). When Matt founded CrossFit Henderson in 2007, his affiliation was the 105th ever CrossFit Affiliation (out of over 8000 worldwide today). While operating CrossFit Henderson out of his old Racecar shop, Matt sharpened his skills as a Coach. In 2010, much to his surprise, Matt took his best athlete from new mother/couch potato to Individual CrossFit Games regional competitor. This experience showed Matt that his work as a coach could accomplish awesome things. Matt partnered with his prodigy, Coach Jeannie Barrow to open CrossFit Wake Forest in 2011. Matt has attended many seminars and certifications throughout the years by the who’s who of CrossFit and strength training.

As an Athlete, the strength and confidence that CrossFit gave Matt has enabled him to participated in numerous events including 5ks, 10ks, the Kerr Lake Triathlon, Tough Mudder Charlotte 2012, 2013, multiple smaller mud runs such as the Rugged Maniac, Marine Corps Mud Rud, etc. Matt has participated in CrossFit competitions such as the 2013 and 2014 Festivus Games, the 2014 Radbar NCfit Open, and the 2012 Carolina Fitness Challenge.

Outside of Fitness competition and Coaching, CrossFit along with BJJ gave Matt the physical tools he needed to serve as a Police Officer from 2008-2014. Matt believes CrossFit changed his life, he has coached people into similar transformations, and his passion is building a community to enable many of these transformations. Helping someone achieve a better life by making them stronger and more confident is Matt’s passion.

Matt enjoys trail running and stand-up paddle boarding and has completed the portion of the Mountain to Sea trail that runs from Wake Forest to Durham. When not Coaching, Trail running or paddle-boarding, Matt loves spending time with his daughters Emily and Sarah.

Matt’s favorite CrossFit workout is FGB. His PR is 319. His favorite lift is the Hang Power Clean (PR 220) or the Deadlift (PR 384). Matt has a short term goal of a 400lb Deadlift and a 225lb clean and jerk.