Coach Jeremy Willis

Jeremy Willis

Personal Athletics/Track and field

  • Recruited out of High School for both Basketball and Track and Field
  • Fred T. Foard High school record holder in the High Jump (6-8 ¼) and most points scored in a single basketball game (40)
  • Track and Field scholarship athlete for NSCU (1990-1995)
  • 1995 ACC Championship Silver Medalist in the Decathlon (All-ACC honors)
  • Ranked #7 on the NSCU All-time Decathlon competitor list
  • 6-Time Masters Nation Track & Field Champion (2010-2012)
  • Competed in 2011 Masters World Track & Field Championships, placing among the top 8 finishers through each of four separate events (highest placing – 5th)
  • World-class Concept 2 rower - Began rowing in 2012 to rehab a severe foot injury; have obtained personal bests of 1:23.9 for 500 meters, 3:08.8 for 1000 meters, and 6:51.6 over the 2000 meter distance

Martial Arts

  • Martial Artist holding active Black Belts in two disciplines (Kenpo and Jiu-jitsu)
  • Sensei rank (in progress)
  • Kickboxing and Boot Camp coach


  • MMA conditioning coach for Innovative Martial Arts Academy (IMAA) fight team
  • Avid Concept 2 rower conducting rowing fitness classes whenever needed
  • Passionate Masters Cross Fitter
  • YMCA Teen Fitness Instructor

Interesting/Funny Facts

  • Began running track at age 14 as a secondary sport, but that decision eventually led to a Division 1 scholarship
  • Competed in one year of high school Cross Country and obtained All-Conference Honors with a 17:21 5K PR
  • Won my first ever 5K at age 15 (18:06)
  • To overcome my shyness, I began playing sports in order to try and become popular with the girls (it never worked, but at least I found my passion!)
  • Once scored 40 points and then 38 points in two HS basketball games within a two week period
  • Passed my Kenpo black belt test while nursing a torn left groin muscle
  • Began rowing in October 2012 as a suggestion to overcome a serious foot injury and then within 5 months entered my first ever C2 Rowing competition and WON the 500 and 1000 meter rows for Men aged 40-49
  • Oddly, won my first ever National Track & Field Title as a Master after a 15 year layoff from the sport
  • Once accidentally knocked out a fellow FEMALE black belt during a sparring session with a lead-leg round kick…yikes! She forgave me and we are still very good friends!
  • Once broke two pole vault poles…in the same day!
  • I am, shamefully, a Mountain Dew addict