We are a crossfit box and much more

We offer a wide variety of programs that we think complement our core CrossFit training classes and can enhance your performance and enjoyment of your time with us. Take a look at the options available and let us know when you’re ready to jump in.

Programs Overview

We offer a variety of classes throughout the day, in the evening and over the weekend. Some are traditional CrossFit Workouts of the Day (WOD), some are more specialized like our Mobility and Olympic Lifting. Whatever your fitness goals are, we have a class for you. We keep our class sizes small so that our Coaches can give each athlete personal attention and instruction. It also helps our athletes get to know each other, support each other and bond as part of our community.

Some of our classes (Mobility, Olympic Lifting) are designed to help our athletes achieve and grow more efficiently and safely. During these classes, our Coaches help identify existing issues and offer personal instruction on how to perform lifts correctly, increase shoulder or hip flexibility, and perform to your potential.

Some classes are designed to offer alternative, fun, and engaging options for our athletes that want to try something different as part of their overall fitness regimen.

Regardless of the workouts you chose, we monitor and track your progress as you grow and develop with us. This gives you a record of Personal Records (PRs) for lifts, WODs, and physique that you can use to gauge success and progress. You can access your personal tracker online or on your phone to make sure you’re meeting your own goals, and to help keep you on track when you travel and visit other CrossFit boxes.


These classes will have you ready for life, sport, or the zombie apocolypse ASAP. Weight loss, strength building, or sport conditioning. Ages 16 and up.

Personal Training

If you are working toward a specific goal, or desire individual personalized coaching, we offer customized Personal Training programs.

Olympic Lifting

Fine tune your Olympic lifting for fun or sport. Ages 12 and up.

CrossFit Membership
  •  2 classes per week  $108 - $124
  • 3 classes per week $150 - $174
  • 4 classes per week $184 - $216
  • 5 classes per week $210 - $250
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Open Box
  • 8 sessions per month ($40/$55)
  • 12 sessions per month ($60/$77)
  • 16 sessions per month ($80/$99)
  • 20 sessions per month ($100/$111)
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Punch Cards
Individual Classes
  • Traveling CrossFitter Drop In $17
  • Open Box $10
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